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About Kevin


Kevin comes to Roy Wheeler with the fresh, young, exciting ideas that it takes to buy and sell in today’s market!

Don’t let the suit and tie fool you, this guy has his finger on the pulse of today’s generation, and let’s face it, when it comes to buying and selling properties these days, it’s not as easy as a handshake and an agreement….and that’s where Kev’s expertise comes into play!

A Nelson County native, Kev left the area in his 20’s to pursue his career in the Logistics industry. As an independent business owner, Kev learned the key to any successful venture requires that passion drives performance and that a customer is not just a customer, but an ally, a friend, and the most integral part of the team. But home is where the heart is, and Kev has returned home with his family to bring his innovative and exciting approaches to real estate here to help you find your next home!

Whether you want that mountain home with the view, that dream place on the river, the sprawling farm, or if the city life is calling your name, then Kev is your guy to make that dream place a reality! Day or night, weekday or weekend, Kev is always available to take your call or email, and will be sure to give you all the support you need to make it happen! That is, of course, if you call him while he’s kayaking down the river or hiking up the mountain with his spouse and his dog, then it might take a minute or two!


Fun Facts

2 + 2 doesn’t always equal 4


Virginia is for lovers – and that means no matter who you are, what you love or who you love, Virginia has a niche where you can belong. Big city living or a beautiful starter farm or vineyard in the Central Virginia region. The mountains are untouched, the rivers are filled with fish and plenty of kayak and boating opportunities, swimming holes are abundant with beaches a few hours drive away.


*The West Coast is nice, don’t get me wrong. But Virginia wine and brew country is beyond compare. Our award-winning wines and craft beers, 230+ vineyards/breweries and incredible countryside can’t be beat. Have some cheese with that wine – we have hundreds of locally made-in-Virginia cheeses available at farmers’ markets and select grocery stores. Stop at one of the country stores along route 151 or old route 6 in Nelson County Virginia sometime. Pick you up a jug of homemade sweet tea  and southern fried chicken ( Afton Exxon ) or some pit cooked bbq and all the fixins ( Blueridge Pig- Nellysford, Va) .


“Ya’ll this is Virginia! If its not fryable, we dip it in something to make it fryable!!”


Home Buying


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Client Testimonials

Client Reviews


Here’s what a few of Kevin’s recent clients had to say about working with him.


“Kevin worked with us to find the perfect home on the water. We own a trucking company in Indiana and have always loved getting away to the Blue ridge mountains. We were able to buy our vacation home from Indiana with only having to fly in for closing. Kevin went the extra mile to video, research and coordinate home inspections on our behalf. A++”   –LANDAN P


“Kevin helped us with the sale of some property we had to a commercial developer in Augusta County. We had no idea all of the red tape that would be involved , zoning is a pain in the butt. After many miles and trips to the post office he got us our asking price plus some. He is one hell of a negotiator.”   –ROBIN C


“So. I cant say it was a smooth transaction, but I can say that Kevin made it a lot less stressful. I accepted a management position with my company that wanted me to start in 3 weeks. I had to sell my home in Virginia as I was relocating to Tacoma Washington. Kevin made arrangements that allowed me to leave on time . He even shipped my truck via OTR carrier a week after I had left. Don’t let his tattoos fool you. Kevin is a great soul, and an awesome REALTOR. If there’s a way, he will find you and your family what you want and make it happen.”   –WAYNE T